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Hi there,
I'm a Panasonic G9 shooter based in Stuttgart, Germany. Open to almost everything related to Photography. Still learning about Micro4/3. Do have some Nikon background and switched to Pana about 1 year ago. Try to engage myself here. regards evinio
How have you found the 7 artisans lens to be? I am considering getting their new 35mm f.95 version.
It's alright. I think it's generally better optical rendering than many non-native adapted FF lenses I've tried. I bought it because it was so cheap, small, and f1.2. Wide open it's sharp enough in the center but softens noticeably as you go toward the edges. The build quality is good. I just have resigned to using autofocus lenses at this point, so I didn't end up using it much in the end.
Các bệnh vảy nến, á sừng, viêm da cơ địa, mề đay,... gặp ngay Y dược Luân Thành nhé!
Is the Minolta 35mm 2.8 still available? How much is shipping to 37343? Thanks.
Hi, since I have a number of Canon lenses, I could be interested by the Viltrox.
I gather this is the EF-M2 mk1 - do you know the difference with the mk2?
And... would you ship to Canada? This should be a small package, so with USPS would be OK.
Soobum Im
Soobum Im
I can send it to Canada.
I took the cage adapter and can't find the screw for it (please see the photo)
Are you ok w/o adapter? I mean I can send adapter just missing a screw
I've never used cage and used speedbooster w/o cage adapter
Speedbooster is working just fine
I see it is now sold - so quite irrelevant now...
Too bad! Maybe I'll have better luck next time.
Soobum Im
Soobum Im
just sold. Sorry
Hey, is your GX8 still for sale? I had that thread bookmarked, looks like you took it down. Let me know if you're still interested in selling!
Hi Andy. I'm new to the buy and sell part of this forum and wonder if "Completed" means the lens sold? If so no need to answer. If it's still available please let me know either here or through my email: [email protected]
Andy H.
Andy H.
"Completed" may mean sold or simply removed from the Classifieds. What lens are you referring to?
Amin; I just joined MU43 and seeing the distribution of members was wondering whether there is a report on the number of countries represented or how many members might be in for example New England?
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