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Hi guys. A Kiwi from north of Auckland. Good to see other m43 users out there. Love the small size and great lenses of the system. Have had a few m43 cameras, g1, g2, (both bought s/h when I used Nikon for work), a gf5, gx1, em10, and now a g85 as my go-to with an em5 I bought because it had the Panasonic 12-35 and 35-100 lenses with it.
Me too. Well north of Auks! Far North. There’s at least 10 of us Kiwis...
Getting ready for another long drive: Chicago - Milwaukee - Green Bay - northern Michigan - Sault Ste. Marie - Ottawa.
Hi Amol - my Panasonic Lumix / Leica 100-400 is currently listed over on the FredMiranda BuySell forum.
Comes with box, front and rear caps, tripod foot, hood.Excellent condition! No dents, dings or scratches,
no fungus or dust in lens. Email: for pictures or more info
Price: $1,025.00 - PayPal FF and shipping included. Fast Shipping!
Amol Thorat
Amol Thorat
Hello! Wow, I never noticed the "profile posts" sorry man. I am not very well versed with this site yet I guess. I am holding my purchase a little longer for now - unexpected expenses but if if it is still there, I will get in touch with you :).
Thanks for saying "hi". If it makes a difference I just dropped the price to $995 includes PP and shipping conus.

Regarding your listing about the 12-40 2.8. Is it still available? I have a brand new oly 17 1.8, never used with box and papers. How much cash are you looking to supplement the trade with? Please give me a figure that includes whatever your shipping costs may add. I am in Michigan. Also, could you possibly expand on the condition of the 12-40?

Welcome aboard. It’s nice to have new blood in the Forum. Enjoy! Any questions about m4/3 just ask.
Moved to New York City! Would like to meet Mu-43 NYC locals and others in the Northeastern region to shoot and collaborate.
@SteveAdler Thank you for the reply and the welcome! I'm currently rather time-flexible except when I have a job interview and hopefully, soon a job.
Mike Peters
Mike Peters
Hi Felipe, Welcome to the Baked Apple! I live about 12 miles west of midtown in NJ and shoot in NYC quite a bit. Let's get together and shoot one day.

I shoot on the street mostly. BTW, added you as a friend on Flickr, nice work you have there.

Feel free to check out my website, or email me directly at mikepetersphoto at gmail.

Look forward to meeting you.
Hi Mike. Thanks for reaching out! I'd be happy to meet up and shoot. As you can no doubt tell from my Flickr photostream I have no particular specialty. I'll email you to coordinate a meetup.
Hi Admin, I have been away and today saw your greeting. Thank you. I began reading your greeting and then before reading it completely I left and cannot now see how to read the balance of your greeting . Would you please let me know how to see your greeting again. Thank you for any assistance !
Dear Admin - I've been a standing member of this forum for a long time but haven't posted any thread or listing for a while. Today, I noticed that I'm unable to post any listing in buy/sell section. Please help. Thank you!
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