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Hi, interested in your olympus omd em1 mark ii. Let me know if you still have it. Yes, I have Paypal.
Thank you for your kind words on my self-portraits. I would like to see your work as well. Do you have a website? are you on Flickr?
Jakob Malm
Jakob Malm
Thanks for expressing that! I experimented a little bit with monochrome this weekend, but I find it very difficult to get the soft, nice dynamic tones like in your MK32675 from 2021-01-19 (can't seem to be able to get the URL to your photos from the Flickr app...).

I have some photos published on Flickr:

Please let me know what you think!
Deleted member 36320
Please send title or the code at the end of the title starting with EM. I will help you
Jakob Malm
Jakob Malm
I was able to get the link when visiting the photo in the browser:
For some reason, when tapping the share button in Flickr on Android, it just says "Sharing has been disabled fo this photo".

Thanks for your comments on some of my photos on Flickr!
I have both an EC-14 and an EC-20 I'd be willing to part with, if, as you say, "the price is right."

What are you offering? I'm thinking something in the split between eBay "actually sold" and "asking" prices.

Also, I'm in Canada. In normal times, I'd ship it from my daughter's in Bellingham, WA, but the border's closed these days.
Small world, I live in Bellingham! One EC14 just went for $162 on Ebay, so where would you land on that. I thin I want the 14, thinking the 20 might be too much.
Saw this too

Items to sell/buy/trade: Olympus 150f2 & 50-200f2.8-3.5 & 14.35f2 & TCs (EC14 and EC20)

Prices: in USD
150f2 - $1200 sold
ED50-200f2.8-3.5 - $250 sold

14-35f2 - $900 sold
EC14 - $125 sold
EC20 - $225
I'm interested in your E3 kit. Any issues either optical, electrical or cosmetic?
Gerry Miller
Medford, Oregon
Have you had a Lumix GX7? The reason for the question is that I saw that you bought a GX9 and was wondering how they compare. Really like the grip on my GX7 and was considering purchasing a GX9 so the nagging question of the grip continues. Thank you.
Hi, I actually like it a bit better than the GX7 and with the OEM add-on grip it is absolutely smashing, even with the larger lenses.
Just noticed you live in Galloway. I used to spend my summers at Glen Trool when there was a campsite there. My blood has fed your midges ancestors :-D
Lucky you! Glen Trool is about an hour's drive away and I visit it frequently. I never used to be bothered by midges but as I've got older they've started to bite me; must be the male menopause!
Hi Mark,

How do you like your 35-100 f2.8 in the corners and the center? I have the 40-150mm Oly f2.8, sharp as a tack, but looking at the Lumix as a smaller/lighter lens for a lighter weight hiking kit; any thoughts?


Found nonexistent problem with 300mm f/2.8, returned lens, I sent to Olympus who found no issue like he described, and my cost was over $600 to change a scratched distance scale window. Just found his negative feedback. The problem was all with him.
Hi Brian.

Hope this is how I pm you

Just left you a message on the forum regarding the EM1ii book.

My wife and myself have EM1ii's so the book would be really good for us.

Please let me know if it is still available and I'll send you my address

Many thanks
Ranger Rick
Ranger Rick
Yes- this is what I have

1502 Hoyt Ave
Everett, WA 98201

I will mail it tomorrow.

great! Thanks! Lost the last eye cup in Zion NP. Those things are easily dislodged!
Ranger Rick
Ranger Rick
Just mailed it- hopefully there by Friday. Yes, I have extras for my cameras- i have taken to putting a thin strip of black gaffer's tape across the top where it meets the body. Blends quite well, haven't lost once since doing this :)
Thanks, but the envelope next to my name (ata3001) has no messages & I don't see any messages @ figure five
Hi there,
I'm a Panasonic G9 shooter based in Stuttgart, Germany. Open to almost everything related to Photography. Still learning about Micro4/3. Do have some Nikon background and switched to Pana about 1 year ago. Try to engage myself here. regards evinio
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