Zuiko Lenses or Canon Lens adapters for m4-3

Discussion in 'Panasonic Cameras' started by Ramster66, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Ramster66

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    Jan 13, 2014
    South Brunswick,NJ
    Ram Srinivasan
    Hi New to M43 - been in Olympus family for a long time - switiched to M43 format - to dabble more with Videos. Picked up a used GH2 with 14-140.What would be the reccomended adapter to look into for non Zuiko lenses - M43 with Olympus 43 glass or M43 to Canon mount? Would like to explore some prime lenses and get better photos out of a Gh2

    Olympus lenses are generally expensive than Canon - what would be the way to go for building a decent sytem. feedback on experience with either greatly appreciated.

  2. Chris5107

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    Jan 28, 2011
    My advice would be to not worry about the adapters and just pick out the glass you like. The adapters are just cheap aluminum cylinders. They are cheap enough on ebay or amazon that I buy one for each lens I have (non-m4/3 lens) so that I can leave them on the lens and be ready to use it. I have bought them in the $10-$25 range and each has worked well for me. The 4/3 to m4/3 adapters are more money because they have the contacts to allow electronic communication between the lens and camera. If you decide on a 4/3 lens, you might as well get one of these.

    With adapters off the table, you can focus on what you really want and that is a decent quality lens. My advice would be to experiment. The variations in older glass are significant even for the "same" lens type. For instance, I had an old Zuiko 50mm f1.4 which I considered unacceptable at lower f-stops. My current version with a serial number higher than 1.1 Million I consider sharp even wide open.

    I had generally good luck with the old Canon FD lenses and some Zuiko Glass. Look for the newest old glass you can find. newFD's are better than some of the really old FD lenses. The newer Zuiko's are the same. My understanding is that this had to do with improved coatings and possibly some minor tweaks to the glass or production methods. I had some old Nikon, Vivitar, Minalta, Pentax, and others and never bonded with them. Some old lenses I tried suffered from color shifts that I did not care for and many were soft (especially wide open).

    Playing with the old lenses is fun. Just try a few before you settle on any. I am assuming that since you are trying to save money that you are looking for older manual focus glass. If you are paying for new glass and possibly some type of electronic AF connection to the camera (if one exists), you might as well get the native m4/3 glass.
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    If you already have 4/3 glass, an appropriate AF adapter, is the logical approach. If you have Canon glass, the adapter is cheap. But, the 4/3 glass will AF (slowly), the Canon will not. (Stick shift or automatic?) There is a lot of PERSONAL preference involved, as well as money. If you must have the automatic ie. AF, and can afford it, get the appropriate m4/3 glass. Short cuts, to personal satisfaction are often fraught with many dead ends. The direct route is usually the better one. (from a man that has taken too many short cuts, and just cannot help himself! :biggrin:)
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  4. RDM

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    Before I say anything to confuse you, can you 1st tell me please .. DO you have any Canon glass already (I am assuming EF mount but if its FD please correct me) ?
    And what are the lenses you already have? all mounts including 4/3. I have only two Native µ4/3 lenses and many many more Legacy lenses. I primaraly use adapted lenses and have a fair bit of knowledge in that area. Not all adapters are just cheap aluminum cylinders but I would like to know what you have, and what you are looking for before I start advising beyond that.
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