zuiko 50-200mm or m.zuiko 75-300mm for E-PM1

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by steve123, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. steve123

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    Dec 1, 2012
    Hello all. I'm an auto-settings, takes a picture of anything, kind of guy looking to supplement my E-PM1 w/ go-to m.zuiko 14-150mm lens with a little extra reach and "clarity".

    I'm leaning towards the m.zuiko 75-300mm but a few of the longer range pics with the 14-150mm have left me wishing I had "better glass" - the zuiko 50-200 non-SWD. I can live with the bulk and mft focusing issues of the zuiko. So for between say 150-200mm would the 50-200mm really out do the 75-300 optics wise on the E-PM1?
  2. BarefootPilgrim

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    Dec 23, 2009
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    Welcome to the forum, Steve!

    I have the non-SWD version of the 50-200, but in spite of the beautiful renderings it produces, find that I cannot use it much on my m-4/3 bodies. I think you'll be happier with the MZD 75-300, or if you're on a budget, the ZD 70-300. :eek:

    The 50-200 autofocus is very poor on all the m-4/3 bodies I've tried, including the OM-D, EPL-2 and Panasonic G2. It's great on my E-5, E-620 and E-420, but just doesn't perform well with the contrast detect AF system of m-4/3 bodies.

    It's not that it's slow (which it is) but more that it hunts forever and often won't lock focus where I want it to. :frown:

    If you're willing to use it as a manual-focus lens, you'll grab some nice photos with it. But since you confess to being an "auto-everything" kinda guy, I doubt you'd be happy with any lens that's not designed for the m-4/3 contrast-detect AF system. The 75-300 is (since it's an m-4/3 native lens) and so is the ZD 70-300 for 4/3. And the ZD 70-300 is a very nice lens... one of the true gems of the 4/3 "standard grade" collection.
  3. steve123

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    Dec 1, 2012
    Thanks Bob. I've tried the manual focus on my kit lenses, and you're right, I don't think I'd like that too much. And I'm guessing manual focusing on a PEN body would be even more tricky than w/a fuller bodycamera. I'll look at the ZD 70-300mm.
  4. kenez

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    Apr 18, 2012
    I would echo what Bob said. I have the 50-200mm SWD lens and it is the poorest to lock focus of all my 4/3 lenses. I have tried both Pen series cameras and the OM-D E-M5.

    I am sure you are aware that the m4/3 75-300mm is a fairly "slow" lens, aperture-wise so it probably won't perform well in dim light.

    If you want a really inexpensive, but nice, zoom lens you could try to pick up a lightly used 4/3 40-150mm F3.5-4.5. This lens was discontinued and replaced by a slower aperture lens. You can find them for under $100. You would also need a 4/3 to m 4/3 adapter and 2X teleconverter to get it to 300mm so your all-in cost would probably be in the $500 range. However, you would then be set to experiment with other 4/3 lenses. As Bob said though, maybe the 75-300 4/3 lens would make the most sense as you wouldn't need a teleconverter. If you are interested, Here is a link to a nice review of the 40-150mm.

    Robin Wong: Shooting Animals with Olympus 40-150mm F3.5-4.5
  5. uci2ci

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    Jun 22, 2012
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    Any reason why you are not considering the panasonic 100-300mm?. Its $200-300 cheaper and 1/2 stop faster than the olympus equivalent and just as sharp. Take a look at the birds thread in the Nature forum and the sample images thread for some examples
  6. steve123

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    Dec 1, 2012
    kenez, thanks for the spelling out that option.

    Sam T, I hadn't considered the Pan 100-300mm because in my cursory, haphazard research, it wasn't standing out as a great lens optics wise and lagged behind the ZD70-300mm and MZD75-300mm - that is I thought I could reach out w/ the ZD & MZDs *&* have some super clear shots. I'lldefinitely look again at the panny, especially at that price. Thanks.
  7. hkpzee

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    Sep 5, 2011
    Hong Kong
    I have a 50-200 SWD and I agree with others that it is SLOOOOW in AF when paired with an M4/3 camera. It hunts a lot, and often times misses focus entirely, so you are really better off using manual focus on this lens. Besides, do you know that the non-SWD version weighs over 1kg? The heavy weight makes it difficult to manual focus without a monopod or tripod support, especially when paired with a diminutive body like the E-PM1. I ended up getting the Panasonic 100-300 because of the attractive pricing, as well as the 1/2 stop faster aperture than the M. Zuiko 75-300.

    Let's see if this thread helps convince you:
  8. steve123

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    Dec 1, 2012

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    Dec 8, 2012
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    Ray Hull
    DITTO; just sold mine in favor of the M75-300 and am loving it. Now having same debate over 4:3 7-14mm on the OM-D, much less the P-3. Both these monsters were wonderful workhorses on E-1 and E-3, but just aren't that convenient and are seemingly taxing the IS with these full 4:3s aboard the micro bodies.
  10. mark ulano

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    Oct 30, 2012
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    Mark Ulano
    Does anyone know why B and H has the M. Zuiko 75-300mm listed as a discontinued product? Is this a mistake?
  11. ghetto

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    I have the 70-300 4/3 lens plus adapter, I can say it's the best lens purchase I made. It can be found for about $150-160 on ebay and the vitrox adapter can be had for about $55 more, so just barely over $200 will get you an auto-focusing 300mm lens.

    There's a thread dedicated to that lens on here some where and my gallery has some photos taken with that lense if you want to see samples. I have an e-p1 so even older than your camera.
  12. steve123

    steve123 Mu-43 Rookie

    Dec 1, 2012
    I've got a pany 100-300mm on the way - flip of a coin over the 70-300mm :)