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Discussion in 'Site information' started by crossen, Mar 5, 2015.

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    I have been doing photography for a long while,mostly travel and family. My previous cameras (Nikon, Sony, Canon in digital, and Kowaflex and OM 1 in film) were mostly point and shoot and had a non-removable zoom lens. Now I am using the Oly EM 10, which I love.

    I recently bought a Panasonic 45-175 f 4-f5.6 zoom, which I find to be very sharp, very small, very light in weight, and it doesn't trombone ( which I find important for discreet non-intrusive photography). I have been very surprised by this lens: the zoom feature I find is a great help in composition, and it helps me to see pictures I had not seen before. have read the usual books on composition but I find that this zoom lens helps me see pictures.

    Accordingly, I would recommend for beginners or others wishing to learn composition, a zoom of about this focal length.

    I have another way of using lenses that I have found useful: I always have a lens on the camera that is capable of being used as a normal lens, that is, which I define as 28mm or longer, up to a limit of 90 mm, in 35mm terms. This minimizes the need to change lenses. My following lenses meet this criterion, since all have focal lengths that fall into this range: Pana 20, Oly 45, Pana 45-175.

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    Andrew Lossing
    I think when people talk about "seeing" framing they mean that you can visualize exactly where your frame lines will be for whatever lens is on your camera. Composition isn't framing, framing is a single facet of composition. But of course a long zoom can let you get really creative with composition overall. Long primes are hard to use, because your "foot zoom" doesn't affect framing as easily as it does on a wider FoV.
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