Your all-time favorite photography. Why?


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Aug 18, 2020
I thought this would be a fun challenge:
Describe, in words, your favorite photograph. It can be one that you've taken or one that you possess (even if you don't own the copyright).

This is a fun exercise to see what makes a photograph special in your eyes.

I'll share mine later one. No pictures are allowed to be posted.


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Aug 31, 2014
Great idea. Not one of mine, but a photograph I love. My description of the image and why I love it:

It's a whole story - maybe even a novel! - in black and white. It has to be black and white because of the mood. Not dark - in fact it's a bright day, and boy is it hot. You can feel the heat coming up in waves off the cement, getting funnelled up between the vast buildings, that late afternoon sunshine, and all the engine fumes from that snarled up traffic. Not just feel that heat, but you can see it, too, in the photograph. So, it's not dark, but it's not colourful, either. The story, I mean. The story - and we can only guess at it, or them (for there are endless stories in the big city and this could be any or all of them) - is what makes this photograph a favourite of mine. What are they up to, those four men, high above the city? What are they discussing? Why are three of them just standing back from, or behind, the fourth? Are they bodyguards? Subordinates? It's late and they've come to, or are just about to come to, a decision. But what? And that is what makes this photograph a favourite of mine. And they are so high up, the cars are tiny in the low-down distance, but yet the photographer is even higher - rather like the omniscient author of a novel, he sits above everything and everyone - and, in fact, like those four men make those cars look small, our photographer makes those men look small. And how perfect is his timing to be in that position at that moment, that very moment. And that is what makes this photograph a favourite of mine, too. Luck? Judgement? Planning? But most of all it's those infinite stories - you can create a endless series of noir tales from this one shot. I never tire of it.

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