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Jan 23, 2015
I know this is kind of a dumb post but I think it could be cool to read. Some reviewers are releasing their camera awards so I thought we could post our own. No particular categories just post what you want! Here are mine

Camera of the Year: Fuji XT3 simply the best value camera to be introduced in years...maybe ever. The cost and build quality pushed it over the amazing a7iii(barely).

Lens of the Year- Canon 28-70 f2 (I got to play with this on Canon day at my local shop) there are so many great lenses being released but this one is uniques and an incredible option for events.

Light of the year- Godox AD200..this was a game changer for me. The lithium ion batteries last through multiple shoots, the portability of these small strobes is unmatched and PERFECT for on the move shoots like Seniors yet powerful enough for small team sports like youth soccer..that I shoot item. Portable, affordable, and flawless operation make this a personal favorite

Surprise product of the year -Gopro Hero7. Does this count as a camera? This is the Gopro that Gopro has wanted to make for years. Stabilization that is unmatched, shockingly good audio, finally no glitches, flawless app and connection. Worth every dime....finally! My favorite family and vacation tool

Announcement of the Year- Panasonic Full Frame. I have faith in Panasonic. They emphasize quality on all of their cameras. Their build quality is always top notch. They are an innovative company and it shows with their Leica and Sigma partnerships. Highest quality and best value partners was a brilliant move.

Manufacturer of the year: How can it not be Sony?...well I am giving it ever so slightly to Fuji. Both of these companies are killing it. Fuji has brought back the excitement of APSC and their cameras bring out the fun in photography more than any other bodies I have used. Throw in the innovative medium format lineup and I am over the moon about this company. Not to mention they are consistently improving their cameras with regular firmware updates.

Camera System I want most Award- Fujifilm GFX 50R..Fuji has been so smart to avoid the full frame war and focus on dominating the APSc and medium format markets. The GFX 50R is a truly portable medium format camera that can bring the fun and functionality of medium format to the streets. I WANT THIS CAMERA. I REALLY want this camera.

Accessory of the year: Canon adapter with the drop in filter. Why is this just happening? What a brilliant and simple design. Canon did reveal really innovative things with their mirrorless like the shutter closing when you remove the lens(duh..this should be standard on all systems) The function ring on their lenses, and their adapter lineup. Looking forward to the gen 2 nd 3 bodies and their sure to be amazing lenses.

Best value Lens: This is just my personal favorite as I don't have the opportunity to shoot most. The Sigma 16mm 1.4 on my m43 Olympus body is my absolute number 1 favorite lens. Its 32mm equivalent is the perfect story telling lens for my wedding and family photography. Optically better than its 30mm 1.4 big brother in my opinion. The Sigma 16 is a must have lens for m43 and $700 cheaper than the Oly 17 1.2. It’s amazing

Bust of the year: Nikon z7. There is nothing about this camera or even the new lenses that interest me. They hyped this camera and completely failed.
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