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Discussion in 'Welcomes and introductions' started by rwingsfan, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. rwingsfan

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    Sep 4, 2015
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    Been a long time Nikonian and still am, but have been attracted to the M43 siren song. I currently have a E-M5 MKI and love it. Also have a E-M1 en route. I have just a few lens to start being the 12-50EZ, the 40-150 Oly and a 45mm oly on the way. I really appreciate the smaller foot print of m43 and have been impressed with the IQ. I retired a couple years ago and took up wildlife photography to pass the time and really love my D750 and 300mm 2.8. Anyway after reading for a couple days figured I would join the fold. I am a regular at FM and semi regular at DP. Hope to learn a lot from these forums. Thanks y'all.
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    Mar 13, 2014
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    Welcome. I'm also a Nikon guy and use it for event work. But for everything non work related it's m4/3 and a Panasonic LX100. It's hard to beat the size and with the customization options you can configure the bodies to act much like the Nikon, at least I have.
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    Welcome @rwingsfan@rwingsfan . I started back into photogaphy with a Nikon J1 and a D5200 thinking I would stick with Nikon a couple of my friends were already into. After looking at moving up in configuration options, functionality and flexibility I didn't like the weight nor the cost. I tried a Panasonic GF5 (bought on eBay) with adapted Minolta glass I already owned, then an E-PL3 with a kit zoom (from Craigslist) and a Sigma 19mm (from a forum member) then bought an E-M5 and those same lenses you mentioned (all from forum members), only recently adding the Oly 25mm (open box from Best Buy...seeing a pattern here?) and have been very happy with the decisions all the way through.
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    Welcome. Post some pics when you can.
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    Welcome aboard! The EM-5 MKI was the best camera I've ever used (I'm not a professional). I've only just upgraded a day ago to the EM-1.

    Wait until you get that M.45. It's a delightful piece of glass. I look forward to seeing your shots. :)