WWII Destroyer USS Laffey

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    The USS Laffey is a WWII destroyer that is somewhat restored and on display at Patriot's Point Maritime Museum at Mount Pleasant, SC (across the harbor from Charleston). I will also be posting some images from the USS Yorktown (CV-10, the 2nd Yorktown that served in WWII) in a couple days. All of these were taken with the E-M5 mk II and the 7-14/2.8 PRO lens. Raw processed in DXO Pro, LR and various plugins.

    Oh, and these are all single exposures with no HDR processing. I shot everything as HDR brackets but didn't have to use them (which is what usually happens).

    As an aside, I alternately used my Olympus and Fuji gear on this vacation to decide if I still needed/wanted to run 2 systems. I started thinking I still favored the Fuji's but after a lot of hours examining files and tweaking my m43 processing, I think it is extremely hard to tell the finished shots apart, aside from the Olympus files are usually a little sharper.

    25401197560_caefbb7e53_b.jpg Forward Guns - USS Laffey by Keith Hollister, on Flickr

    25075251313_dbd2b02f90_b.jpg Bridge - USS Laffey by Keith Hollister, on Flickr

    25400974950_77045e0cea_b.jpg USS Laffey Engine Room by Keith Hollister, on Flickr

    25590356452_baeb72e607_b.jpg USS Laffey Engine Room II by Keith Hollister, on Flickr

    25080006974_e91b7faf19_b.jpg _3100573_DxO-Edit-2 by Keith Hollister, on Flickr

    25080981794_2dff3b2d85_b.jpg Untitled by Keith Hollister, on Flickr
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