Worth upgrading my G5 for a GX8?


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Mar 31, 2013
We're taking a holiday at the end of the year, and I've had my G5 for over five years now, I'm toying with the notion of an upgrade.

I settled on a GX8 after trying a GX85 instore. I found its grip too precarious for me (esp holding for portrait), and the viewfinder was quite small. The GX8, by comparison, felt lovely in the hand, and the viewfinder is glorious. The battery is also compatible with my G5 so that's a bonus.

I always try to frame my upgrades as - what would this camera give me, that my photos are lacking now?

Compared to the G5, it seems the things I would notice most are:
  • Panoramas
  • Better focusing (I have young kids, so this matters)
  • Possibly slightly better ISO performance, but not earth shattering (?)
  • Faster FPS, and less lockdown due to buffer writing
  • Mobile app
  • Better default rendering means less time editing colours.
There's other things too, but I when I think about photos I've missed this year, that's what leaps out at me.

However, I'm always averse to spending money I don't need - is this just a case of GAS, or do you think the GX8 will help me get more of the photos I like getting?

(G85 is off the menu as it's larger than I'd like, it's hundreds of dollars more expensive than a GX8 deal I've found, and I feel kind of blah about staying with a sensor I believe is pretty much the same as what's in my G5, minus AA filter).


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Mar 18, 2015
I would think that the GX8 would probably fit your needs, but you should be aware that there are a few technical things that were improved on following cameras.

- IBIS: The IBIS in the GX8 is by all accounts not as good as the one in the G85 or GX80. If you are only shooting stills, it may still be good enough, especially if you own Dual IS capable lenses. This is actually a question I still have to decide for myself.
- Improved Shutter: The GX8 is according to some sources prone to shutter shock, which was fixed in more recent cameras. TBH, I don't know how big of an issue this is. I believe the GX7 also has a reputation of shutter shock being an Issue, and I never felt it was a problem with mine.

However, a potential future smallish body with a decent grip that fixes these issues and will have the newer sensor will likely cost much more than the GX8 or G85.


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May 25, 2010
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The other thing you'll gain with the GX8 is significantly improved dynamic range, which is helpful outdoors.
By the way, the G85 sensor is basically on par with the GX8 sensor, and much better than the one in the G5 IMHO (better high ISO noise, better dynamic range).


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May 25, 2012
I think so. That viewfinder alone is worth it IMHO :) Sensor is better too especially if you do some low light photography.
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