Women and Waterfalls...

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    Jan 24, 2010
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    Dan Ferrall
    I am going to do a waterfalls session with a model on Friday. I am trying to search the web for posing ideas specific to incorporating a nice waterfall back round in the image.

    I will be do the session on the Columbia River Scenic Highway where there are a number of wonderful waterfalls along a stretch of about twenty five miles. The terrain at each of the waterfalls varies quite a bit so the variety of settings will be plentiful.

    I am looking for some portrait session images that forum members have either captured personally or have seen that have been taken by other photographers.

    Any samples, links, or other ideas? I have good posing instincts and technical knowledge of how to achieve various water flow effects. What I really want to see is quality portraits captured in a waterfall setting.

    Dan :help: