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    Carrying on my daily street shooting from the confines of a small town - while home in Canada for the next couple of months - presents more challenges than with my lifestyle in Central America. But the efforts and massive numbers of photos I have taken in that cultural environment, has changed the way I photograph and see things. And that is good.

    As an example, recently I came across 2 walls of colourful graffiti. Vibrant colour is something that I am very comfortable with from living in Nicaragua and Guatemala. In fact I have photographed similar walls in the past. However at those times I tended to find strong element of the graffiti and isolate them.

    This time around, I was seeing the graffiti filled wall quite differently. I was not even really noticing the brightly painted walls - - - but natural elements such as clean out grids, alarm bells, door hinges and nobs, patterns of underlying bricks is what my eye was being drawn to as I walked along looking for content.

    Those are the very things that I have become accustomed to look for in my travel work. And so the content of the graffiti was less important - it being more just the vibrant and colourful paint job on the elements I was photographing.




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    SO it was interesting - I no sooner had tucked into this walkway to view the graffiti, when a guy walking down the street hollers in to me that I should see the big painted wall down the street. I walked up to him and chatted and asked where it was. Even though he was heading the opposite way, he insisted that he walk me there.

    It was quite a sight. But while it was impressive to look at and take in - - - I was much less interested in the painting as I was the amazing coincidence of a red car sitting in the parking spot in front of it. I think he probably was a little disappointed that I was not following his direction and listening to his story about the painting, as I moved side to side with my camera low, to find the right angle for the yellow lines to line up.

    I really love this image. A photo of the wall (this is only a section of the painting) would not have impressed me so much.

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    Sorry, not seeing the photos. I just see the icon of a camera with a slash through it. Would love to see them. :-(
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    seeing them ok here.And liking what I'm seeing.
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  6. Beautiful series, Robert.