Wireless remote control + screen for PEN's

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by Pan Korop, Apr 7, 2011.

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    Mar 31, 2011
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    I chanced upon it on eBay. The name was:

    Aputure Gigtube Wireless

    200 € for, er, a what? Auto punctured tubeless?

    Nay, it's a Chinese radio remote-control for Olympus cameras--those with the micro-USB connector.

    One part sits atop the camera on the hot shoe, with a wire connected to the USB. Can't call it a receiver, since it transmits the liveview video.

    The other half looks like a P&S camera, the size of an E-P1 stripped of its lens, but much lighter (< 190g). You get a big remote screen--3.5", 210000 pix--not very bright nor color-accurate, but complete with a removable folding hood to protect it from sunlight and scratches.

    One two-step button atop the body does the focus and release. Hand-held, it feels and handles just like a P&S camera but, yes, they thought of a tripod hole.


    Finally, it works. They say up to 100m distance from the camera, but this I didn't verify. Great for self-portraits, shooting from up on a mast/pole, sports from dangerous vantage points, "candid" shots, etc.

    It should find some use with nature photographers, as well as on drones, RC model cars or helicopters, etc.

    Finally I guess that some E-P1 (etc.) video users could put it to use as a compensation for the lack of a tiltable screen à la Lumix G1.

    I understand there are other versions for liveview-capable Canons and Nikons.