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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by ThomD, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. ThomD

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    Jun 1, 2013
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    Can anyone recommend a wireless off camera flash device that supports high speed shutter (1/1000 ideally)? TTL is not important.

    I have the Cactus v5 and they work well, but the camera (G6) sees them as a flash and limits the shutter speed. When I use my Metz on camera, I can use HSS/FP to get flash at faster speeds. I could use a long cord, but I'd much prefer wireless.

    Optical slave works with high speed and is amazing for studio work, but not so good for me on location. YMMV.

    The Aokatec optical repeater looks interesting, as does Paul Buff's Cybersync. Radio poppers don't mention any Pany compatibility. Same issue with PWs - I can't find info on Pany compatibility.

    I think I'm aware of the options (but I could be wrong), so what I'm really looking for is anyone who can say that they have product X and it works with Pany cameras for wireless high speed off camera flash. Of course if there is a setting on the G6 I missed, that would be even better.
  2. inkista

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    Jan 13, 2012
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    You're out of luck. TTL cables or the RC light-based system are your only FP-TTL/HSS options. Nobody makes TTL radio triggers for micro four thirds (at this time) that can communicate the pulsed-light timing needed for HSS. There are no micro four-thirds compatible versions of the YN-622, Phottix Odins, Pixel Kings, or PocketWizard TTL units; and I haven't heard of anybody getting RadioPopper PXs to work, so that's an unlikely path as well.

    Cybersyncs don't do HSS; they're designed for the Buff studio strobes, and studio strobes don't do TTL or HSS. You can get tail-sync out of them, but that's a different beast.
  3. ThomD

    ThomD Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Jun 1, 2013
    SF Bay Area

    Until somebody works the Aokatec product over, I think I'm going optical slave. That isn't all bad. My Metz is fully compatible, and I was thinking about getting some more flashes anyway.
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