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I have a Panasonic GH3 with Metz 52-AF-1 flash. I have purhased one or two Metz 52 flash with softbox, but i dont find wireless flash trigger for GH3 and Metz flash. In the GH3 flash setup menu i found wireless mode. Anybody knows setup GH3 for works with two or three flash in wireless mode?
Before I can respond to your question we have to define what you mean by “wireless”. To trigger a remote flash, you can either use optical or radio triggers. Optical: This method communicates with the flash via micro light bursts and sometimes referred to as “line-of-sight” because the eye on the flash needs to be able to see the light from the camera flash. This is the method that is available in the flash menu for the GX7 and GH3 (as well as cameras from Olympus). You can setup multiple flashes in different groups and control the power of the (compatible) flash lights from the camera menu. The key here is “line-of-sight” and the flash must be compatible with the Panasonic flash system. I’ve never seen a comprehensive list of compatible flashes, but I’m reasonably sure I’ve read that the Metz-52 is compatible. I’ve always used my Olympus FL600r flashes and they work very well. Radio triggers: This method uses a radio signal to trigger the flash and will require a purchase of a radio transmitter & receiver. The pro is the elimination of the “line-of-sight requirement. The bad is the fact that most 3rd party manufactures develop these products mostly for the Canon/Nikon market and not so much for the smaller volume camera brands. While you can get very nice triggers for Canon/Nikon that supports full TTL flash triggering, we pretty much have to be satisfied with manual triggers. In my case, it does not really matter, because when I use off-camera flashes I shoot manual and need manual control of my flash lights. There are quite a number of low cost triggers in the market. Sent from my iPhone using Mu-43 App


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First off all, thank you for the reply and sorry for my bad english.
I like shoot landscape and portrait. My curent setup for portrait is Panasonic GH3 with 12-35mm/f2.8 lens, Metz 52 AF-1 and Gary Fong lightsphere collapsible 5 generation. This week i get my first portait lens (Olympus 45mm f1.8) flash stand (Quantuum Air 260 cm) and universal flash stand adapter. I will test Metz flash in wireless mode. I learn many thing about flash, umbrella, softboxes, strobes, beauty dish, flash triggers,reflektors...i looking for small, light setup that give maximal performance. I like beauty dish and strobe, but the biggest problem is that dont find any wireless flash trigers for the GH3? Is possible conect wired or setup the GH3 that work without trigger? The only trigger which I find for GH3 is combination Youngnuo RF-603 ii with YN-560 iii flash. How to work beauty disk speedlight kits? I mean the performanse? Whitch setup recommend for outdoor portrait photography in nature? Thanks again for the help.
It is very difficult to recommend an off-camera flash setup without knowing your application, skill level and of course budget. My recommendation is to start with one flash and experiment. Once you can take a good one-light picture without having to think about it, you can add a second light.

The best I can do is to tell you what I do.

Main Light: Cheetahstand CL-360 (bare-bulb flash)
For my requirements, the best price/performance/portability ratio.

Secondary lights: 2 x Cheetahstand V-85 (Standard flash)

Lights accept all standard flash modifiers.
All lights controlled and triggered by their CL-TX-VRX product.

These lights are also available under other brand names, but I have to give a shout-out for Cheetahstand customer service. I had a problem with one of my lights, submitted a problem ticket on their website and within an hour, received a phone call. He verified the problem, discussed options to resolved, and I had a replacement light in no time. (Disclaimer: I have no relationship with the company, other than being a very satisfied customer).

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Thank you for the reply. Today I tested the GH3 flash wireless setup. I can not say that i,m a little disappointed. Maybe I doing wrong. I want setup the Metz flash that work in wireless mode manually. And the problem is, if wanted to Metz flash work ,he worked also built in flash. And the Metz flash is work only in TTL mode, not in manual.
GH3 settings are:
Firring mode: wirelles
Wireless channel:1 ch
Wireless FP:eek:ffomunication light: High
Wireless setup:
Built.in: TTL 0EV
A group: manual: 1/16
B group: TTL 0 EV
C group: TTl 0EV

Flash Metz Setup:
Slave, channel 1, group A

Neelsd@ I belive that Cheetahstand product are very good, but the Youngnuo product are ok for me and they are cheaper. I looking for manual flash which work reliably with wireless triger. I post an email a youngnuo, which is the best flash and trigger for the GH3. Tomorow you shoult get an answer. For the flash will almost certainly YN-560iii for Panasonic for the triger i dont know yet. I read that work with:
RF-603 II C1
Meyin RF-604


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I found how exsternal flash work in manual mode, the problem is the same. That if you want to work external flash, work also pop up flash. I definitely go for Youngnuo trigger and flash.