Wireless flash question, positioning?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by SteveNunez, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Steve Nunez
    Hello everyone, question; how does the wireless flash determine TTL setting via the camera or by itself via its position?
    If the flash itself is able to determine correct flash exposure, I assume it shouldn't be rotated away from the subject to keep its body in line of sight to camera as it would need its body facing onwards the "subject" for its metering sensor, is this correct?
    Would multiple flashes (wireless) take into consideration other flashes when using them in a single group? Is their some form of communication going on in split seconds that allow the groups of flashes to take each's relative flash position using their built in metering capabilities?
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    Eric Cote
    TTL means Through The Lens... The flash has no lens ;)

    TTL is measured in-camera and relayed to the deported flash through the flash on your camera.
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    TIt's done through the camera. The master fires a pre flash signal followed by each of the slaves. This info is read by the sensor and calculated into a final exposure at which time the flashes fire fully. It happens in about 1/25th of a second.