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    I find myself fairly depressed as I've had my new OMD and 3 new lenses for a week and a half and I've barely used it. The problem - 2 days after I received it the temps plummeted. I'm not very good adlibbing photo ops around the house. I like to be outside. I'm not afraid of the cold, in fact I embrace it running every day almost regardless of the weather or temps. However, I can't seem to crack the winter shooting nut. The problem is my hands freeze. Any gloves thick enough to stand up to 0-30 degrees for any length of time are useless for operating a camera. Has anyone come up with any good solutions? Any thin battery powered gloves?? (Half joking only). Even when I shot the night skyline that I posted last week, it was mid 30s and my hands hurt after about 10 min in and out of gloves. And that's at temps that I can still run in shorts! Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated. I'm dying to play with my new toy and a want to be able to shoot more regularly in the winter in general.

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    Grab 2 hand warming sachets...the type snowboarders/skiers use and put one in each coat pocket. They last a good 4-8 hrs and should cost less than a dollar each if you buy a 10 or 20 pack. Worked for me in BC when it was -25 hands still got cold when shooting but a minute or 2 of holding the sachets in my pocket helped.

    Also very handy for keeping spare batteries warm.
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    Hi Zach!

    There's a thread on winter shooting here:

    with a couple of tips on gloves starting at post #8.

    Also Adorama has an article on cold weather shooting gloves here:

    And, finally, if there's a golf pro store near you check out the gloves they sell for winter golf; an alternative would be a store that supplies hunters shooting gloves.


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    In the winter I use a pair of the north face etip gloves under a pair of the fingerless mittens with flip up finger cover. Works a treat. :)
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