Winogrand Article(s) in NY Times

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Replytoken, Jul 8, 2014.

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    One of the greatest ever. I've got every one of his books besides The Animals, and they're all incredible.

    So often, articles about Garry do him a disservice - either they erroneously quantify him as being "about" this or "about" that, or they make him into some monolithic entity (which is exactly the opposite of what he was trying to do, be, and convey). I think he's incredible - besides Lee Friedlander (and maybe Arbus, Eggleston, and Helen Levitt), he's my favorite - but I think his philosophy towards photography and life is the most important ... "It's just the work ... That's really it."

    He recognized that beauty is easy, but honesty is much harder, and that's so important.