Will the Pany 14-42mm work on the GF1?

Discussion in 'Native Lenses' started by mqavila, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. mqavila

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    I was just wondering... will the newer Pany 14-42mm lens work on the GF1?

    Since this new lens no longer has an external O.I.S. on/off switch, this function is now controlled through the camera's menu system (such as that of the GH2 and GF2). But what happens if I attach this lens to an older camera such as the GF1? Will the camera automatically adapt and add that function into its menu?

    I hope you guys can enlighten me on this. TIA! :)
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    Remember, the oly lens does not have OIS as with the olys that feature lives in the camera body.

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  3. mqavila

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    Let me clarify... what I meant was, will the O.I.S. work on the GF1? How will you control the O.I.S. in the absence of a physical switch? Will the GF1's menu automatically add that function in its menu?
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    I believe the GF1 firmware was updated to support it. Update Contents for DMC-GF1

    I have not verified this link, just did a google search, and it's what dpreview linked to
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  5. mqavila

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    Great, this is what i wanted to hear! Thanks! :)