Wild Dogs, an endangered species.

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    Late one afternoon during our stay in Samburu, Kenya, while we were visiting the Save the Elephants research station, our guide received an urgent message that wild dogs had been sighted in the reserve for the first time in some years. We jumped into the Landrover and sped off into the gathering dusk in the hope of finding them before nightfall and its associated curfew. After a frenzied search we finally spotted the pack in the gloom, hunting down a dik-dik by spiltting into two groups and trapping it on the side of a hill - it was a very efficient operation. They were too far away for photography however and we had to be back in camp by nightfall to avoid trouble with the rangers.

    The next morning, however, we got lucky again and this time were able to get very close to the pack. The wild dog is an endangered species, a victim of loss of habitat and various diseases, with only about 6000 individuals left in existence. It was sobering to think that we were looking at about 1/4% of the entire population on the planet.

    All shot with an E-M5 mk II and 40-150 pro

    26723202672_ba807da3a9_h.jpg Wild Dogs 1 by Alex G, on Flickr

    The purple stains on their faces is blood from their latest meal:
    26212574223_e470182936_h.jpg Wild dogs 2 by Alex G, on Flickr

    26816885765_79d876074f_h.jpg Wild dogs 5 by Alex G, on Flickr

    Let's go to work...
    26723204972_79b1fc58d5_h.jpg Wild Dogs 6 by Alex G, on Flickr
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