WiFi image transfer on EM-10


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I ordered an EM-10 in late February and expect delivery by the end of April. After my friend who has a Panasonic LF1 told me he couldn't transfer images wirelessly from his camera to a computer I decided to do a little research. I have a Sony RX100II and this camera has a one click wireless image transfer to a computer and I assumed all WiFi enabled cameras had the same feature. My mistake...it looks like the Olympus as well as the Panasonic only have a WiFi connection between phones and tablets but not computers as does the Sony. It's not a deal breaker but is a disappointment. This issue is really never mentioned in reviews.


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No - as of now the only Wifi transfers is from the EM10 to the Olympus Share apps for either iOS or Android. However, I believe I read in a thread over at DPReview that the EM10 is compatible with the Eye-Fi cards (I think that is what they are called) and then I believe you can do a wifi transfer to a computer.


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I can confirm the Eyefi cards will transfer to an iPad away from home and via the home WIFI to a PC or various "cloud" options from my EM-5.

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