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Sep 3, 2018
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Sorry to revisit this. I've searched the forums and found some info, but still not sure.

From time to time I would like to go a little wider than my 12-60. This is usually if I'm in a historical building, museum, or some other tight place. It doesn't happen enough to warrant the cost of another lens. I would like to find a decent wide angle adaptor like the Digital King that Stanga used in the 12-60 showcase. I don't need a lot, maybe get me to 9-10mm. I am not looking for a fisheye effect, I want something that can be corrected in post. I also want something I can just leave on the lens that will let me zoom through the range as needed. Usually not much narrower than 17-18mm in a room, but a .70 would provide 42mm at the tight end not taking vignetting into account. I would typically try to shoot these in natural window light using a monopod to get DOF, so it doesn't have to be ridiculously fast. If need be I use a flash or LED fill.

I can't find a Digital King locally or even in the US. It seems the only way is to risk a used Ebay purchase from someone in Japan. There are several cheapie versions on Amazon, none of which are .79 or even .70, they're all .43, which is way too much. Raynox has one for a couple hundred, but user reviews on this forum aren't great, and in a CS response from Raynox they say they don't think it would work.

Knowing the edges of these things get really soft, I was wondering if it'd make sense (lacking other options) to try a cheapie .43, shoot wider than needed and crop the edges off? I am guessing the IQ out of a $35 adapter probably stinks be it edge or center, so probably not.

What other suggestions might you have?

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