Why firms are focusing on Video in my opinion


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Nov 18, 2013
Pretend you are a counselor to a senior in high school or someone in college who wants to make a choice of what to study. Let’s say this person is interested in some kind of art degree but wants to make a reasonable living with hopes to do creative stuff on the side – perhaps with a goal of doing that full time.

Would you recommend that person become a stills photographer or a videographer?

Where are the opportunities?

Which job market is alive and growing?

What is the most cost effective way to obtain the tools needed to develop the required sills?

I think camera manufacturers have already seen this opportunity and have positioned products to fulfill the needs of the current markets. Still photographers are IMHO lucky that stills still have value in the current media.

I think this is why we are seeing such a focus on video. The cost of cameras like the Gx85 and the kit lenses mean that almost any person with a modest income can get tools to create/learn with and those at community or state colleges are without avenues to learn the profession. Voids in markets don’t stay open long and IMHO that is why the market is now hybrid cameras.

I also believe that the market needs both camcorders and hybrids to service all content creators needs.


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Feb 28, 2017
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Follow the money. Every "content creator" that can draw eyeballs to a 12 minute video that could have been eloquently written in a blog with 350 words has the opportunity to cram 3+ advertisements in or get a key sponsor (e.g. Squarespace). Bandwidth continues to grow world wide, devices to transmit the show are in every hand. The trend is your friend, and in camera business where stills reached a "good enough" plateau for most consumers long ago, emphasizing video makes total sense.
Aug 9, 2017
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Their young user base vastly prefers video both producing and consuming. The market for stills photos has almost evaporated with the disappearance of print magazines, coffee table books, anthologies, etc. The move by all digital media from time discrete to persistent and legacy in demand elevated video over all other formats.


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Oct 9, 2020
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absolutely video making is the right pathfoward in my opinion. technically it is also much more complicated than photography, in terms of production and post-production. many people are presently living upon video-making and broadcasting, and the professional skill-set makes distinctive differences.


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Jun 2, 2015
Video has always been a bigger market. Remember VHS tapes? The blank tapes were actually cheaper than audio cassettes because they sold in much higher numbers. You'd see them for sale at supermarket checkouts, for pete's sake. Just the cost of the raw materials had to be 4 times that of audio cassettes.

Back in the silent 8mm "home movie" days, you'd be able to shoot less than 5 minutes of action before changing the film. Camcorders changed everything, even when they were huge things you slung over your shoulder. You could shoot for hours on one tape with audio! The camcorders and tapes got smaller and things were going pretty good until the iPhone changed the rules again, making instant sharing possible.

Being able to go beyond phone videos is a much more lucrative market than going beyond phone stills.
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