Why don't other manufacturers provide first party native raw support


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Oct 28, 2013
As it stands today, other than Olympus with their m43 lineup support (Olympus Viewer 3) and Nikon with their V series (Capture NX-D) no other mirror-less camera makers looks to be providing first party support for their cameras. This is a huge pity as there is often a large discrepancy in output quality between a what a camera can put out in JPEG and the initial starting point in most 3rd party RAW processors.

For example the SOOC jpegs in a Fuji XT1/XE1 are beautiful. Lightroom has a tendancy to must colours and detail.
LR, DXO , capture one do a lousy job of skin tones compared to the Olympus Viewer 3 output. Failing to actually reproduce the native Olympus skin tones and I've found tending towards either a default jandice look in LR or a magenta look in DXO. Process the same files through OV3 and you get much much nicer skin tones and beautiful colours (IMHO, but this is subjective anyway).

My point is, I'd love to see Sony, Samsung, Fuji, Panasonic and the rest jump on-board and provide first party RAW support.

Part of the reason that people still flock to Canon / Nikon is because of the first party support for their systems extends far beyond just the camera and lens to things like flash support, backup service, training programmes and software support (which appears to be such an obvious thing given that we are in a digital age!)
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