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Discussion in 'Printing' started by rejo, Oct 5, 2012.

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    Mar 27, 2011
    Looking for a new printer, the second one in 5 weeks. Had a canon for about 6 years worked great but eventually it died. Thought I would try an Epson which I had for about 2 weeks but it was leaving small marks and lines on the prints.
    I googled this and its called pizza cutter lines ... apparently a common problem.
    I took it back to the shop where they sent it away, it was returned today minus the mains cable and damaged on the front, and it was a different serial number.
    So if this is epsons repair procedure to replace with a used one in damaged condition they can put there printers where the "sun don't shine".
    Got my money back.
    So the question is which one. It must have a wifi connection and preferably a front loader, that was one of the plus point for the epson. Its only used for home printing so A4 size is ok unless someone is making A3 printers at a great price.
    Any suggestions ?