Where is the EM1X firmware update


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Jan 14, 2018
I'm not too crazy about them releasing this - if they ever do - so close to their business closure. If it's bad, then what?

I had hopes it would have been in the August update, but it wasn't. Would have had time for user feedback and to correct it before leaving. It's been too long which is unsettling.

Aside, not getting warm fuzzies about their 150-400mm f/4 Pro lens being so close to the end of their business era either. Complexity of that lens, with the internal TC, may also have a higher sample variation for quality (I shouldn't have read Roger Cicala's "Lens Sample Variation, Parts 1 & 2" this AM.). Paying $7,500 for a lens with a "Closed" sign on the door is not in my playbook and I'd change systems before going there (Fwiw, Been at the "Closed" sign three times already with broken stuff, and also had to deal with "Closed" sign and angry customers when I sold cameras too, e.g. Chinon, Minolta, Miranda, Yashica all gone.).

"Lens Sample Variation" Part 1:

"Lens Sample Variation" Part 2:
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Aug 28, 2012
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The Get Olympus website has said the FW update is coming Dec 2, 2020 for both the EM1-X and the other models for awhile now. I checked this morning and it still said that, but there was no update. Just checked now, Noon west coast, and the Dec 2 date has added "at 9PM ET" which wasn't there earlier. So it looks like it is still on for today.

1AM PST Dec 3: Edit-Olympus Workspace and the Updater loaded the FW for my EM1.3 to V1.2. Process took about 5minutes total. Mysets were reloaded but did need to reset time and location.
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