What's the story behind this T-mount telephoto lens?

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    Jan 23, 2011
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    Hello all, recent lurker, even more recent poster. I have an E-P1 I got used and have been building up an unnecessarily large legacy lens collection; right now I have four 50mm lenses and three of them don't even have adapters yet, what with shipping from China taking a very long time. This situation wasn't helped when I found a case of old camera equipment at an antique store and managed to snag it for a song. In it were three lenses, a Kilfitt 40mm macro lens, an Accura 35mm wide-angle lens that is apparently a rebadged Sankor, and a Sunny 100m telephoto lens with a dented filter thread. Here's what it looks like (click for larger):


    My first impressions of this lens were pretty poor: the focus ring and both aperture rings were stiff, and the damn thing was heavier than my E-P1 body and almost as long as the body is wide. It is a T-mount lens, which I figured out the hard way by buying an M42 adapter after seeing that the mounting thread was 42mm, only to find out that it didn't fit. It came with a T-mount to Exakta mount adapter, and with an Exakta to m4/3 mount in place, it measures a full 12 cm long without caps. After a bit of working the rings, they loosened up, and so long as I made sure to brace the lens on something, handling wasn't much of a problem either. Although not very good wide open, once stopped down to f5.6 I managed to snap some pretty good shots like the following:


    So my question is, does anyone have any leads on what company made this lens? It looks like it might be, like the Accura, a rebadged import, but Googling "Sunset lens 100mm" turns up absolutely nothing. Whatever it is, and despite its limitations, it looks like I'll be using it for a while. Thanks in advance.