What would cost a photographer to sink this low?


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May 7, 2012
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With regards to pictures, what makes Instagram any different from this forum or any other camera forum?
I do not disagree that a person can customize their account, but I think that focuses on a very narrow part of what makes IG what it is. There are a lot of sites where you can post images and follow who you wish, but IG, like its parent FB, has used the platform, or allowed the platform to be used, for other purposes that do not really have to do with just sharing images. There is money and/or status to be made in social media, and I cannot say that is the case in this forum. If IG and FB just let folks post their content, and that was that, I might not think so badly of them. But they tend to control what does or does not get seen to a greater or lesser degree, and that is a lot different that posts here.

So yes, you can more or less try and set it up to use it as you wish, but that is not what has made it as valuable of a site as it is today. I suspect that a very large number of users are not just there to share there images just for the sole sake of sharing their images, and IG/FB is fine with that since it IG, like FB, has allowed them to make a lot of money in the process. I guess my preference is to post images in an environment where monetization is not involved, but I can understand the draw of having a lot of people possibly see an image, especially if their livelihood depends on it.



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Feb 2, 2017
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With regards to pictures, what makes Instagram any different from this forum or any other camera forum? Many here enjoy taking photos of birds, sunsets, architecture, motorcycles, etc... blissfully unconcerned that they're not the first person to take a photo of said cat, sunflower, eagle, etc... and others like and comment upon the ones that they particularly like.
The discerning vs the non - discerning is the difference. Not saying which is which though........:whistling:
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I've been on this site nearly 9 years, and only on IG for a couple or so. I mostly only follow people on IG who do particular kinds of "photography" (whatever that means!!!).
What I like about it is that you rarely know what kit was used, and the pics are somewhat limited resolution so you can't do the pixel peeping that I tend to do on Flickr. It's a good antidote to GAS.
Consequently, all that is left is to look at the "artistic" elements of thinking "is this a good image or not?", or just "do I like this image, or not?" - and why For me it allows me to focus more on the image than the technical stuff, which is a bonus that I didn't expect, but I enjoy. Only now and then on IG, I think "I'd really like to see that picture full screen".


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Nov 1, 2012
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Perhaps I am speaking out of turn? Feel free to correct me.

I associate Instagram with phones, therefore snaps, therefore filters etc. I appreciate that creatives use Instagram to promote their work/businesses, but are these not in the minority?

What I can say for sure is that every single time I open a newspaper, there are pictures lifted from Instagram and Facebook of young and not so young ladies taking pictures of their Turkey teeth, bottoms, botox, pregnancy bumps etc. Then there are the Kardashians with their altered versions of themselves. It's this side that I find odd.

The majority of professional photographers that I follow and appreciate their work are found on instagram.
I follow more photographers on instagram than on Facebook or other social media.
Like them, I post only photos taken with my cameras (and studio lightning).
I do not use instagram filters at all.
It's all a question of choosing what you want to follow and see.

P.S. I don't follow Kardashians and such. My instagram feed is very clean of that stuff :laugh:

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Jan 7, 2011
With over a billion users worldwide, I am certain that is the case. A somewhat different vibe though, to our little community.
For sure, and that's why I'm here. But you brought up the issue of "discerning" and I responded to it. It's not that hard to go onto Instagram and curate a feed of great photographers in any genre of your choosing.

And this is not an either/or choice. You can participate here for the community and on larger platforms like Instagram too. I like coming here and seeing familiar faces. And there's no better place for news and discussions about M43 gear. I've learned a lot here over the years.

But I participate in Instagram differently. I use it to share my own work but I also look to it for ideas and inspiration. I particularly like those Instagram accounts where the photographer takes us along their creative journey and gives viewers a behind the scenes view of what ultimately end up in published works or shows. Also accounts that curate a genre that I am interested in helps connect me to photographers that I don't know. I've found Instagram to be inspiring and educational.
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