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    I know there have been posts about the comments by Toshiyuki Terada regarding Olympus' future, but I found it very illuminating to go back to the source, his interview with Pekka Potka: pekkapotka - Journal - Discussion with Mr.*Terada. I apologize if this has already been posted, but some of it was news to me:

    1) Olympus R&D has been really "stretched" and probably not as productive as they could have been with more resources. This might explain the lack of new and desired features in the newest OM-D firmware update, for example.

    2) Silver will be the new standard color for Olympus lenses from now on, so those who constantly clamor for black versions will have to get used to it;

    3) Showing exposure warnings ("blinkies") in live view is an Olympus patent, so we shouldn't expect it in Panasonic bodies any time soon. This is such a useful feature.

    And then of course the was the other stuff, widely reported, about a commitment to PDAF support of 4/3 lenses, no firm roadmap for lenses, etc.
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    I doubt that the lack of desired features in the firmware updates are due to productivity issues in R&D. Why release those features in a camera selling quite well (my guess) when you can incorporate them in a new camera?