What UHS-II card are you using for EM1 II/III?

Dec 6, 2015
Brisbane, Australia
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These are good tips for memory card hygiene. I think maybe one of the most notable is to format the card with the camera, rather than deleting images off of it. https://masterphotographypodcast.com/sau-and-memory-card-hygiene/
Some of these are pretty outdated. Lightroom is perfectly adequate for importing from your memory card and automatically stops or ejects the card at the end of the import.

Deleting instead of formatting is fine too. As long as you're deleting all images and not just deleting images here and there (which leads to fragmentation). I often go 6+ months without formatting.

Also Copying to another location shouldn't really be necessary if you have a good, regular backup routine. My images get backed up to a second drive, Google Drive and Backblaze autonomously upon import, along with Lightroom Classic Library file any time it gets modified.
Apr 20, 2020
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I agree, @Angus Gibbins .

I only format a card (long format in PC) if it throws an error. After PC format, I format in the camera it will always be used in. I also do this process with every new card.

All my cards are labelled physically and digitally.

A card gets one chance if it throws an error. If it throws another error, it gets binned.

Other than this, I never format cards. I always delete all files after upload and backup.

Most of my cards have not been formatted for many years. No problems.


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Nov 23, 2017
I'm using 2 Lexar 1667x 64GB SDXC UHS-II cards in my E-M1 Mkii
They retail for about 25 euros. Yes there are faster cards around (2000x), but are far more expensive. Until now I haven't had issues with them in terms of speed are reliability. I've been using lexar for years now.


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Mar 12, 2013
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Thanks again for the feedback everyone. Hopefully this thread will help others as well.

I ordered the Prograde 64GB v90 250/300 card - it's on a nice sale right now with an 18% off coupon on Amazon, and I think it has the same discount at B&H etc.


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Jan 14, 2018
I'll add something I never thought about until I installed a dash camera in the car due to an accident, plus the crazy homeless J-walkers who will pound on your vehicle wanting money.

The company recommend using the highest storage capacity you can get due to the fact the camera can be configured to run 24/7 and always writing to the card. Can be set to run even at night or away from car. Given that, the card writes constantly over and over again and smaller capacity cards will fail much sooner.

One card mentioned suited to dash cameras is the Samsung High Endurance card and it seems it is one of the best ones mentioned in the dash cam forums.

Jul 13, 2020
Hoher Fläming, Germany
Another vote for Lexar 1000x as well as Lexar 1667x. Even though I've read quite some bad stories on Amazon reviews regarding Lexar cards, I so far haven't had a card gone bad in years. The most major problem I encountered was with a then pretty recently bought 1667x card, I've been taking some pictures with my Pen-F and wanted to review them on camera, hit the "Playback" button, but the camera gave me an error message concerning the memory card. I powered it off, took the card out, placed it back again, powered the Pen back on and it was working fine again. So far this was a one-time problem.


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Feb 10, 2019
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When I bought the Panasonic G9 I also bought a Panasonic card, as recommended by the retailer. This was about 18 months ago. I took a few photos, and when I tried to import into Lightroom, there was nothing there, the card had failed. I took it back next day, and the chap said it was impossible that it could have failed. But it had! He replaced, and I've been using it fine ever since.

Since then I have purchased an Oly OMD E M1 MkII, and as E M 5. I did some research and have Sandisk in both those cameras with no problems.
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