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    Jun 30, 2013
    Hi all, now because this thread concerns olympus and panasonic i will be posting the same thread in the panasonic section as well.

    My dilemma is........ i currently own a panasonic G5 and just recently i have bought the panasonic 35-100mm zoom as i like to shoot action i.e football but now i would like to upgrade my camera and was thinking of the GH3 but then i heard about the EM1..???

    The problem i want to overcome is the 35-100mm lens doesn't really have the reach that i hoped it would have and the only panasonic m43 lens that i know that will is the 100-300 which i'm not sure will have the image capability i'm after.

    So this is were the EM1 comes in with that 40-150 pro lens that people are talking about, but the big question is can i afford that lens when its launched.?? But then i have the option of mounting a 4/3 lens to the EM1 which is interesting and i'm sure i can pick up some nice fast telephoto lenses if the 40-150 is out of my budget.

    Or he says.... could i buy a GH3 which is far cheaper than the EM1 and either give the 100-300 a go and see how it performs or buy an adaptor for the GH3 to mount some glass on which will give me the range and speed i won't.

    Why isn't nothing easy in this world.

    Hints,tips and advise would be great on this one.

    cheers Kev
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    Mar 17, 2011
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    The GH3 is fine camera . The only real advantages of the EM1 would be the 5 axis IBIS (and you already have an OIS zoom) and the on-chip PDAF. I haven't heard that the latter is huge improvement for C-AF, but I could have missed it. If you already like your G5 and Panasonic menus then the GH# os a no-brainer.
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    Jun 4, 2011
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    Not sure what the problem is with the 100-300mm. I use it each year to photograph four wheeler and dirt bike racing as well as disc golf tournaments. It works very well (see my gallery for examples) - it's more than sharp enough in the 150-225 range and has great color/contrast. :confused:
  4. Triggertrevor

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    Jun 30, 2013
    Hi Bob can you advise me how to view your gallery please.

    cheers Kev
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    Jun 4, 2011
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    When you look at a post on the top right hand side you'll see information about join date, location, etc. On the bottom of the list is a link to that person's gallery - just click on it. :smile:
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    No photos?

    RevBob - Maybe it's me but I can't view any photos in your gallery; none shows up.
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    Nov 3, 2011
    it's not the camera

    just a quick reply, based on your other query regarding catching football action. First, it's not for nothing that the pro photographers you see at big events have cameras and lenses bigger (and heavier) than a small child (well, a dog or cat anyway). Such rigs, costing several thousand $, have fast focus tracking and good light gathering that allow reasonable shutter speeds for action. Unfortunately micro four thirds still lag a bit behind dslr's in sports action, probably even the vaunted em1. But even with basic dslr set ups, people expect to just point and shoot and catch action in-focus, perfect shots. It's possible to get lucky and get some keepers, but it sounds to me like you need to get more familiar with your G5 and the basic principles of technique before chasing after the camera that will make the shot for you. I don't mean this negatively at all because I'm basically in the same boat, an amateur trying to balance ISO, shutter, aperture, focus, etc. in some tough conditions for modest equipment (indoor gyms and ice rinks, for example). The nice thing about digital is you can shoot 1000 frames to practice and it costs nothing (vs. the old days of spending money on developing) but you won't see any improvement if there isn't a method to the madness. So unless you are pretty familiar with the concepts that determine exposure, depth of field, and focus, I would get a book or other resource and work on technique before dumping lots of money into a new body. A faster lens wouldn't hurt for sure.

    BTW, are we talking American or International Football--under lights or sunny skies, from what distance? Hope this comes across right; I'm a rare contributor to discussions and pretty much still at the bottom of the learning curve, but your posts struck me as being similarly challenged. Apologies if I mis-read them.

    post edit: I too am having trouble accessing galleries, RevBob's or Kev's
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    same here, I can't view the gallery. could be some technical difficulties.

    and I think you've made a great point about "it's not the camera"
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    Yes, I had the same problem when hitting the link on RevBob's posts that was supposed to take us to his gallery. (RevBob, when you click on that link at this point, it looks as if you do not have any photos posted.). However, after trying some different methds to get there, here is what should be a working link to his gallery:


    Hope this works!:smile:
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