"What the Still Photo Still Does Best" in today's NY Times

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    In today's New York Times, 3/21/10, there's an article by Hank Klibanoff titled "What the Still Photo Still Does Best" which I think many might find worth reading. See what you think...and comment or not. It's a thoughtful article that references some very powerful moments in our history and the photographs that have helped propel these events across the world.

    Here's are some excerpts from the first few paragraphs:
    There are several links, slide shows and more, in the online version. I know many, if not most, will recognize a number of Charles Moore's photographs.

    Charles Moore died on March 15, 2010 - the ides of March. His obituary is was in the March 16th edition of the paper and can be found by using one of the hyperlinks provided as related to this article I've posted about.
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