What the hell have i bought????


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Leitz Hektor 135mm f4.5

Bought this on e of the bay last night. I believe it's pre WW2 and from the limited image examples i have seen it could be the sharpest lens i have ever seen. We will see when it get's here. It only cost me £20 so i'm not expecting much, in fact i don't really care. It will look good in my collection.

Some numpty has converted it from M39 Leica to M42 fitting so it looks like a dog's dinner! At least i won't need to buy another adapter! :biggrin:

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Wonderful Lens!

It IS incredibly sharp. I'll be uploading some of the photographs I took with mine over the next few days. As it effectively becomes 270mm at f4.5, it is a lens for bright days or a tripod, but it is lovely with excellent contrast (for me, lack of contrast is a major issue in a long lens). Mine cost me about £90 from Clock Tower Cameras in Brighton, but is the Leica R fit, rather than the M39/botch. No idea what date that makes mine.


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Probably the best source for a quick review of Leica, and other M mount, lenses is Camera Quest: http://www.cameraquest.com/mlenses.htm.

135/4.5 Hektor 1954-60 Chrome lens with detachable lens head for Viso work. Generally the most inexpensive used M lens. Very plentiful on the used market, but not a bad performer. Suddenly made popular by a 1997 article in the Leica Viewfinder, much to the astonishment of dealers who were previously unable to give the lenses away.



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That's a great lens. I have one I bought in 1971. It's tack sharp but the real visual quality is in the irradiation you get in back lighting...... dreamy..... It seems you have the Viso Flex version...good stuff
enjoy, it's a gem....


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Ok i have taken a few images and wide open (f4.5) it's pretty poor to say the least. I have Cleaned the lens and taken another shot which was better - See below. I tried at F8 and it was better still. I will wait for a decent sunny day with my Tripod for further tests. Again the light was very dull.

1: Attached to the GF1
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2: @ f4.5
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3: @ f8
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4: After some post processing in Elements 6
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Overall impressions... Pretty bad but i will conduct further testing on a better day.

Watch this space!


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Just had another look at the lens and there is either fungus or clouding in the lens where i can't get to it. Hey ho! Looks good in my line up!


Keep in mind, old uncoated glass will always give you low contrast!