What lenses would you buy if on a budget?


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Jan 28, 2012
I generally think the most useful lenses for most folks on a budget (and I'm generalizing about the MOST part of the equation) are a basic kit lens like the 14-42, a kit telephoto like the 40-150, and a relatively fast normalish focal length prime. Many folks never go past the basic kit lens. A fast normalish focal length prime just opens up a lot of low light opportunities. If someone does a lot of portraiture I'd probably prioritize the 45 f/1.8 over the normal prime or over the 40-150. And most sanely (I don't follow my advice) you might just work with the basic kit zoom, save the rest of your lens money, and then figure out what the kit zoom really isn't providing for you.


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Jan 5, 2013
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I'm always on a budget myself. I started with the kit 14-42 and bought the 40-150. I wanted to try primes, so my first prime was the P14 because I could get is fairly cheap used. Then I splurged on an O45. I pretty much retired the 14-42 and was pretty happy with the 14 and 45. I did wish for something in between fairly often though. Eventually I bit the bullet and bought the PL25. It has rarely been off my camera since. What about you? Out of the lenses you have, is there one that you just can't see doing without? If there is, I'd definitely keep that one and sell others if necessary. If you feel that way about all of them, I'd find a way to economize on something else.


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Jul 23, 2010
On a budget with µ43 I would go for the focal lengths I use the most and get the best I could afford in those, go for the 14-45 as a walk around best bang for buck option, then work around what I use from there. So if from looking at the data I used 25mm and 45 mm the most I would spend there, although till the jury is in on the Oly 25 its a tricky one.


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Nov 16, 2010
I would say don't sell anything unless you really need the money for living. You have two very different focal lengths (the primes) and they are both top quality. If you end up selling the 25, you might get along with only 17 and 40-150. But if you sell the 17 and keep the 25, you might need something to the wide end like Pana 14mm which will cost next to nothing if you buy it second hand.

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Nov 16, 2013
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I'd get the Sigmas, the Panasonic 14mm, the 45/1.8 and the 40-150. Or, i'd get some of them rather than all. AFAIK they are the best budget lenses for m4/3. Oh, the Samyang 7.5mm is also very cheap, it should also be on the list of potential purchases.

Amin Sabet

Apr 10, 2009
Boston, MA (USA)
With a $500 lens budget, I'd buy:
-Used Pana 14/2.5 (~$160)
-Used Oly 45/1.8 (~$300)

Then I'd wait a while until I had more money to spend and pick up a used Oly 25/1.8. I could be very happy with just those three lenses.

However, you're in a different situation now that you've already bought the lenses, and I think Vivalo makes excellent points above.


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Oct 31, 2012
Los Angeles, CA
Thank you very much for the replies. :D I really appreciate them. :) Yesterday I was asked to take some behind the scene pictures for a live video performance, and used the Panasonic 25mm the most. Mostly because I couldn't be very close, and I did end up using the 17mm also in very tight spaces. I wish I had the 45mm yesterday. I'm wondering if I should try to trade the 17mm for a 14mm + 45mm + cash on my side, but then I'd be spending more. I'm very impressed with the Panasonic 25mm. I looooove the output. I really love manual focusing with the 17mm though. I find it hard to do on the other lenses.

Ulfric M Douglas

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Mar 6, 2010
What lenses would you buy if you were on a budget?.
Olympus 17mmF2.8, brilliant at actually taking nice photos.
Pentax/Cosina or Konica 50mmF1.8/F2 with adapter : portrait heaven.
Olympus 40-150 : vital!
Maybe Lumix 14-45 if your budgetty budget wants to include an aperture-limited very sharp kit zoom with fast quiet focus and stabilisation.


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Nov 11, 2012
Budget to me means under $125 a lens, used lenses if I can get them. I don't have a lot of money to burn on things like lenses and accessories for my Oly. I chose the 40-150 from Olympus and the 19mm Sigma. That gave me a pretty full range, for my usual purposes. (I don't often shoot wide angle.) I wanted at least one prime but I also wanted a longer zoom too. The Olympus was $120 on Amazon, on sale. The 19mm was like $99 and we bought it used from B&H. (Dad paid, it was a Valentine's/ early birthday present. Ditto the other lens, it was given to me for Christmas but that's what they cost.) So for $220 basically, I got 2 digital lenses that covered my usual range. I could have gone with the kit lens but I decided the Sigma used was a better buy. I still would like to get the Sigma 30mm and probably will eventually buy it used if I can, but that's about it for me. That's as much of a digital kit as I can afford for the Oly. I'm actually thinking of grabbing a red EPL-2 body at some point but that's down the road...

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