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    Thom Hogan has a piece on his blog about the closing of Calumet. http://www.dslrbodies.com/newsviews/calumet-closes-its-doors.html He says this about halfway down, without citation:

    "The average selling price from the manufacturer of compact cameras at the end of 2013 was US$120, for mirrorless US$230, for DSLRs US$432, and for lenses US$176. In other words, it’s the lower end of the market that’s been running through all these stores and keeping the manufacturing plants open."

    I seem to remember Olympus saying that EM5 was critical to them not losing as much money as they might have last year. I know the lower end models sell in greater numbers but do the camera makers make much of a profit? For mirrorless at least, I would think those numbers are being driven down by all the clearance sales. What am I missing here?
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    Sales volume and profit margin are not necessarily the same thing. Companies might have to sell 5 budget lenses to make the profit off of one enthusiast lens. It seems like it has been that way all along in the camera industry. Looking around thrift shops and garage sales, I come across a lot of 3rd party consumer lenses and consumer bodies from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. I think there just a lot more of them.
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    That specific reference was the E-M1, not the E-M5. I actually think the E-M5 is even more interesting, as it is still selling well years after it was first introduced. For the DSLR makers, I bet it is their lower end models propping them up. It's the same basic design and technology with some tweaks, rehashed year after year (look at the Rebel line). Low R&D cost, consistent profits. Mirrorless is in a weird camp, as it's kind of a compressed market - nothing really plastic fantastic like the SL1 but nothing super high end like the 1D or even D800 either.