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    Jan 23, 2010
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    I'm a Nikon user - and have been since the dark ages (and by dark ages I mean N90 film days, of course) I love to shoot and hate lugging around all the gear - so what would I really like in a camera? Here's my list:

    1) I don't care about pentaprisms - I just like to hold a camera up to my eye when I shoot - so drop the 3 inch screen on the back, make the camera smaller, lighter and less expensive and just give me a really high res viewfinder.

    2) Sure i like specialty lenses - I have lots, but If I could have that wide angle to tele with a 2.8 aperture across the board, somewhere in the range of 24 mm - 300 mm I'd be a happy camper (OK, I know, I know, who wouldn't be happy with that lens) Oh yea, I forgot, it has to be small and light.

    3) I wouldn't mind being able to shoot in the dark with very little or no noise - its a wish list right?

    4) really solid metal body

    5) not too many dials - definitely NO programs - like sports or portrait - or any of the other 15 - 20 that show up - thats just another way of saying you don't know what the Aperture, Manual or Speed dials do to a picture.

    6) And last but not least - I'd like to be made by Nikon so I don't have to buy a new shoulder strap with a different name!
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    I used to have a dream like that also,.....
    but then I woke up and got The Pen1....

    Now, the dream is a reality.....