What are your sharpening/noise reduction settings?


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Oct 29, 2018
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I’ve only got the 13” MacBook Roddy.
Best thing I ever did was get a 27” Thunderbolt Display. They are reasonably priced now. And what a difference it made. Especially as I didn’t have the Retina display.
I've realised my display is only a 13" too (I had a 15" but the laptop my family gave me last year for a BD present is only a 13". My ageing resources failed to recognise that fact :) I have no idea whether it's a retina display or not, I've never checked the specs, although I do know it only has 120GB of memory. I do like the idea of getting a bigger display, however, but have no idea where I would put it. My office is the kitchen table and there might be objections :D
Roddy, the only point on which I disagree is not shooting RAW. In 10-20 years time the JPEG will still be the same, but processing a RAW in newer software will give a different and superior result.
I don't disagree, John. I would probably love to shoot RAW - who wouldn't like a better image? But it is not going to happen at the moment. Maybe in the future.... :)
Mar 17, 2021
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Thanks again for your input! I realize that I could have been much more clear. I mostly just want to take the jpeg from the camera and do nothing with it (except cropping which is super easy in the windows photo app). Then there's the odd diamond in the rough where I process the RAW file.

Interesting to hear how you panasonic users barely touch the NR and sharpening sliders. Looking around various fora, it seems like the first some people do is turn at least NR to -5. I think I should play around a bit more with the sharpening slider.

EDIT: for what it's worth, I use the cinev jpeg profile with no changes to contrast, saturation or curves. A lot of the time I also set the white balance to Cloudy, as that combination gives really nice and lush colors, especially greens. I guess my combination is a bit like cellphone pictures on steroids - more balanced in color, not as (over)saturated, and with vastly superior control over focal length, where focus is placed, depth of field, etc.
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Aug 22, 2019
Highly subjective and not consistent across exposures. Time might better be spent deciding what works for you in your typical shooting than evaluating what others like.

I'm primarily a jpeg shooter. Set up a test “stand”, subject, in an area with variable natural light and shoot at different settings. What do you like? It’s the only answer that matters.

Then move on to composition, the ability to spot interesting subjects and respond to unfolding opportunities. Far more significant than messing with pixels.

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