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  1. I have a 90mm Tamron macro DI lens in Canon EF mount. Do I just get a Canon EF to m43 adapter or a Tamron to M43 adapter? I hope it is Canon because I can not find a digital Tamron adapter on ebay.
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    Canon EF mount. Tamron does not have their own mount; they are a third-party lens manufacturer who makes lenses for other companies' mounts.

    Note bene: Canon EF and EF-S lenses are not always a great pairing when adapted to m43 (or any other system) because aperture control for these lenses is purely electronic. There will be no way for you to control the aperture of your EF lenses, and you will be shooting them completely wide open. There is a kludge in that you can forcibly preset the aperture into the lens using a Canon body, but truthfully that's a horrible kludge and you're stuck in the same dilemma; can't change aperture from wherever your preset it when using it on your m43.