What adapter do I need

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    Apr 4, 2013
    I tried looking for the information I need, but being new to photography, most of the information made no sense to me.

    My father recently gave me a Nikkor 50mm 1.4 lens that he used on a Nikon EM90. The lens is in great shape and I would like to be able to use it with my GX1, but I'm not sure which adapter I will need.

    I'll be in Syracuse a week from today and my father-in-law will be giving me a bunch of old lenses and gear that he has boxed up. They are from a Pentax 35mm SLR that he bought in 1984. The biggest lens he said he has is 800mm. He's pretty busy so I was not able to get much information as to what brand of lenses, or what other gear he has.

    I'm hoping that the information he gave me will give someone enough info to narrow down what type of mount is on the lenses.

    Also, feel free to post any websites that may help me figure this out on my own or help me in the future.
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    For the Nikon you'll need a Nikon to M43 adapter. For the Pentax you will likely need a PK to 43 adapter unless they are older 42 screw mount lens in which case you need a 42 to micro 43 adapter so wait until you see the lenses. Here is a link http://www.rainbowimaging.biz/shop/category.php?id_category=3
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    For the Nikon, you'll need a Nikon F adapter like this one.

    For the Pentax, there are two possibilities depending on how old the camera is. It's likely it uses Pentax's K-mount, but if it's an older Pentax there's a possibility that it uses the M42 screw mount.

    One other consideration is the weight of a particularly long lens like that 800mm. Unless that lens has a built in tripod mount, you might want to consider buying an adapter to which a tripod mount can be attached to avoid hanging all that weight off your camera's lens mount.
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    I'm no expert on Nikon but I believe their mount has remainder compatable throughout.

    Pentax lenses are either K mount or screw mount (m42) the camera from '84 (Probably something like an ME/ME super) would have a K mount but some of the lenses may be older ones with m42 adapters. All Pentax bayonet lenses can be mounted on the same adapters though any original auto features will no longer be available.
    With the design of the M42 adapter for K mount I don't see any issue with using one to mount onto a ยต4/3 adapter (unless it's a cheap clone M42 adapter which may have quality issues).

    The only 800mm I know of for Pentax is a Samyang mirror lens which has fixed aperture (f8). If it was a standard design it would be a seriously expensive (& heavy) lens - pentax have made lenses up to 1000mm and even 2000mm but my car probably costs less than they do!
    Long standard telephoto lenses will almost certainly include a tripod mount on the lens, but some lenses are heavy enough that a tripod mount may be wanted, without having one. Some PK adapters are sold withan in built tripod mount so these lenses can be used without putting too much strain on the camera. I don't think the Samyang has a tripod mount and at 865g its worth considering!

    Relatively recent K mount lenses may not have an aperture ring, only controlling the aperture from the camera. These need an adapter that can control the aperture linkage. Such adapters are usually sold as DA rather than K, since the current digital lenses are the main culprits. Adapters for DA will work for older lenses but cost more, and won't be needed for these lenses.

    Update - should have guessed this would be answered before I finished rambling. The K mount adapter DeeJayK linked to should be fine. The K mount came out in 1976 so a Pentax camera brought in '84 wouldn't be screw mount. (And IIRC predates camera controled auto features.)
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    That should read "a Pentax camera bought NEW in '84...".

    OP: Provided your father's camera was new in '84, a PK>m43 adapter will mount any of his lenses that fit his Pentax body.
  6. Mathom33

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    Apr 4, 2013
    I want to thank everyone for the information!

    I bought the adapters and they should be here on Saturday (thanks to amazon prime).

    He sent me a picture of this lens ImageUploadedByTapatalk 21373568956.666626.jpg
  7. Mathom33

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    Apr 4, 2013
    I ordered the adaptor for the Nikkor lens yesterday afternoon and thanks to amazon prinme, it arrived today. It fits and works great!

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk 21373667226.085445.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk 21373667248.449666.jpg