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Welcome Back, Brian Mosley!

Discussion in 'Welcomes and introductions' started by Amin Sabet, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Amin Sabet

    Amin Sabet Administrator

    Apr 10, 2009
    Boston, MA (USA)
    For those of you who have joined the site in recent months, Brian Mosley is an emeritus site admin who gave extraordinarily of himself to help build this community.

    In addition to pioneering many of the projects which made the site special, including the Photo a Day (PAD) project so many members enjoyed, Brian was a a uniquely inspirational member, always helping and encouraging to others in the forum, and also inspiring with his photography.

    After many months away for a work project, Brian recently sent me word that he is back at home, and I just wanted to say that it is wonderful to see Brian back on the site.

    Please join me in welcoming Brian back to Mu-43.com!
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  2. Luke

    Luke Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Jul 30, 2010
    Milwaukee, WI
    I saw a post by him the other day and thought it was a hoax. A welcome sight indeed. I learned so much from his posts a couple years back, I'm eternally grateful. His photos are inspirational, too.
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  3. Alf

    Alf Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Mar 23, 2010
    Northeastern Tuscany
    Welcome back!
  4. Alanroseman

    Alanroseman Super Moderator Emeritus

    Dec 21, 2010
    New England
    Welcome back Brian... you're a legend around these here parts...
  5. BBW

    BBW Super Moderator Emeritus

    Brian, so glad to hear that you're back from "walkabout"! OK, well, not really a "walkabout" but back here and home, too.

    I'm looking forward to catching up - photographically, too!:drinks:

    Brian had the patience of a saint with me and all my endless questions - as in "What is an exposure evaluation?":biggrin:
  6. Iconindustries

    Iconindustries Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Hey Brian, we've been so patient haven't we;-)

    Good things come to those who wait:smile:

    Welcome back.

  7. Welcome back, Brian. I don't believe our time on the forum overlapped, but I certainly have benefitted from a lot of your knowledge and effort to help establish this site in the early days.
  8. luguidomanski

    luguidomanski Mu-43 Regular

    Apr 11, 2010
    Curitiba, Brazil
    Welcome back, Brian! I am a :43: user thanks to lots of your tips.
  9. bilzmale

    bilzmale Mu-43 All-Pro

    Good to see you back Brian.
  10. Pelao

    Pelao Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Feb 3, 2010
    Ontario, Canada
    Welcome home!
  11. Kosta

    Kosta Mu-43 Veteran

    Sep 29, 2010
    welcome back! :) 
  12. Plimsol

    Plimsol Mu-43 Regular

    Mar 29, 2010
    Belgium, Antwerp
    Welcome home,
  13. Christilou

    Christilou Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Feb 25, 2010
    Camberley, Surrey
    Hello Brian :)  Nice to see you back!
  14. Lili

    Lili Mu-43 Veteran

    Apr 24, 2009
    Dallas, TX
    Herzliche Wilkommen, Brian!!!!
  15. f6cvalkyrie

    f6cvalkyrie Mu-43 All-Pro

    Feb 12, 2010
    Brussels, Belgium
    It's good to have you back here, Brian !

    C U soon,
  16. JohnMetsn

    JohnMetsn Mu-43 Veteran

    Welcome back Brian, I noticed you commented on some of my posts and I felt the glory of mysterious legendary admin :biggrin:
  17. kevinparis

    kevinparis Cantankerous Scotsman Subscribing Member

    Feb 12, 2010
    Gent, Belgium
    good to see you back Brian

  18. Briar

    Briar Mu-43 Regular

    Jun 13, 2010
    Bonnie Scotland
    Welcome home Brian!
  19. Brian Mosley

    Brian Mosley Administrator Emeritus

    Dec 15, 2009
    Oh, wow... you're all way too nice :redface:

    I made the decision to focus 100% on this last project (the bringing into service of a large scale Telemetry System for a water company here in the UK) - and that decision paid off, with the successful conclusion of the work last week.

    Over the last 9 months, I've been working away from home, with extremely limited excess time, energy and access to the internet for my photographic interests. I haven't even used a camera in that time!

    The next few weeks, I'll be chilling out, getting fit and enjoying my photography - I hope we can inspire each other here :grouphug:

    Thanks everyone, this is absolutely where I call Home :2thumbs:

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  20. RonSmith

    RonSmith Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Apr 7, 2010
    Welcome back, Brian!
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