WCON-P01 Wide Converter WITH Cokin Filter Ring

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  1. jjdavis72

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    Jul 29, 2011
    Bought the WCON-P01 Wide Converter for my E-PL2 (gives 11mm / 22mm equivalent field of view), but wanted to attach Cokin P filters to it - the answer? A series of step-up filter adapters!

    attachment.php?attachmentid=5030&thumb=1.jpg attachment.php?attachmentid=5031&thumb=1.jpg attachment.php?attachmentid=5033&thumb=1.jpg

    There are four step-up adapters in total - a 67-72mm to take the 72mm Cokin P filter ring, screwed to a 62-67mm step-up, screwed to a 58-62mm - all needed to get a level bond onto the WCON-P01 itself - at this stage you need to carefully super-glue the smallest adapter to the WCON-P01, then conceal the bond with a 58-58mm ring (they do exist).

    attachment.php?attachmentid=5034&thumb=1.jpg attachment.php?attachmentid=5035&thumb=1.jpg

    This gives a pretty neat final appearance, and allows the original WCON-P01 caps to still be used on both ends.

    So now you can use all those Cokin P Filters with a standard filter holder - no vignetting either. Sample photo below - JPEG straight out of the camera - taken with the Cokin P121M. The converter gives around 4% barrel distortion, but this is linear so can be easily corrected in Photoshop etc. - the corners are a little soft, but for £80 this is not an option to be sniffed at to get 22mm wide-angle.....


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  2. odsagn

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    May 6, 2011
    Los Angeles
    this is exactly what im looking for!!

    just bought the WCon and have been looking at Cokin filters as well.

    I had played around with similar idea since i purchased the Wcon.

    How tough was it to super glue?? Any additional details would be great.

    I am def. doing this!!! THANKS!
  3. jjdavis72

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    Jul 29, 2011
    Wasn't tough to super-glue at all - took a couple of minutes.

    You connect the first three adapters together (67-72, 62-67, 58-62) - screw them tight, and add a little super-glue inside to bond them (you don't want them unscrewing at a later date).

    Slide the three over the WCON-P01 - the outer edge of the 67-72 will be flush with the outer lip of the lens. But crucially, the outer edge of the 58-62 (the 58 part) sits directly over the wide black band of WCON-P01, and leaves a 0.5mm gap all round - just enough to get a good glue bond. Fill this gap with super-glue - be careful not to put too much in, as it could spill through to the front. Don't worry about over-spill of glue onto the black band itself - this is where the 58-58 adapter comes in handy as a cover piece, when the glue is dry.

    Screw on a 72mm filter holder, and you're good to go! Good luck with yours - glad I'm not the only person excited by this little project - took a couple of weeks to assemble all the right bits (and only cost about £10), so it's only fair I share it with whoever else wants to attempt it.

    You'll get no vignetting even with the full three-filter Cokin holder - result!

    One more sample photo below - a quick snap out the window - slight overkill with the GND, but you get the idea. This one has been barrel-distortion corrected and perspective corrected in Photoshop:


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  4. carpandean

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    Oct 29, 2010
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    Nice project. Looks very professional!

    I got lucky on my wide angle converter. I picked up a Century Precision Optics 0.6x off of Ebay for less than the WCON-P01. It has 58mm threads on the camera side and 77mm on the outside. I, then, bought a Century 46 --> 55mm step-up ring on Amazon for very little. Now, I can put it on my 14mm or 20mm. I suppose that I could also get a 77mm Cokin filter holder to end up with something similar to yours. However, it's already a pretty hefty piece of glass and I wouldn't want to mess up the motor on the 14mm or 20mm (they will do it just fine by itself, but I support them with my left hand just to keep it as gentle as possible.)

    What's just as fun is using the +2 and +7 58mm achromatic diopters that I also picked up "cheaply" on Ebay to make any lens into a macro lens (well, some are closer than others.) The PL45 can be made to focus on something almost touching the front diopter, but that's a story for another thread ...
  5. odsagn

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    May 6, 2011
    Los Angeles
    Great explanation!

    I'm not clear on the 58-58 ring's role though. Is it simply a cover over the 58-62mm ring?

    Where did you find the 58mm adapter? I looked for it but nothing has come up on my searches. Maybe I had the wrong terminology.

    Anyways, I'm going to get everything today and this going! Gonna be going to Mexico and backpacking in August so I want to get it together before that! Really excited!
  6. jjdavis72

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    Jul 29, 2011
    The 58mm adapter is only there to cover the (inevitably) messy glue seal - it screws into the back of the 58-62 after you've glued it to the WCON-P01.

    It is called a 58-58mm step ring, but in effect it is like a 4mm wide extension piece (as it neither steps up, nor down) - similar to a screw-in filter, with a front thread and back thread, but no glass - I got mine here:

    58mm to 58mm Step Up Stepping Filter Adapter Ring 58-58 | eBay

    - but you could probably use a 58mm screw-in filter with the glass removed. This is only a cosmetic cover-piece though, to hide the glue.

    Good luck, and enjoy your trip to Mexico!
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