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    So Australia's east coast just had a little stormy session. I figured I'd remind you guys in the northern hemisphere what life is like in the other seasons...






    The waves were running about 4-6 metres high over here during the day time. The beach was closed, even the surfies that usually go out in big waves decided not to today. I call this final shot ... darwin at work.


    I missed a shot where a huge wave came in and swept the child off about 10 metres, the "adult" there went running across to get him before the back wash dragged him out to sea.
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    Jan 10, 2013
    Sydney, Australia
    Nice, just down the road from me, Dee Why if I'm not mistaken?

    You do have to wonder about the intelligence of some people, "Beach Closed" so lets take my toddler down for a swim! :eek:
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    Yupp Dee Why, I really wish I had a photo of when the child was getting swept away, it would have been price less, I was expecting it that's why I camped out at that spot with the signs in frame along with the child.