watercross (snowmobiles on water)

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    Jun 22, 2011
    Qualifying for european championship in watercross went down this weekend, here´s some of my photos of a quite weard and wounderfull sport :D

    Pana 42,5 F1.2 A few meters on the beach to get up to speed.

    Oly 300mm F4

    Pana 42,5mm F1.2

    Oly 300mm F4

    Pana 42,5mm F1.2 Showing of after a win.

    Oly 300mm F4

    Oly 300mm F4

    Oly 300mm F4, everyone doesnt make it, the divers said that they had to go down 8-10 meters to get the scooter up again.

    More images from this event on www.GRIDDD.se
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    Like that first one @GRID@GRID, really catches the crazy-ness of it all.
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