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Jun 8, 2017
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I'm having an odd issue with eBay that I wanted to let other sufferers of GAS to watch out for.

As we are sadly aware, eBay started collecting sales tax for most states a good while back. AFAIK that tax rate is specific to your locale, down to county and city. Being a numbers guy, and being that it's easy, I always calculate the total before buying. They (eBay) has always been accurate...until this week.

I was searching for a vintage lens hood. Found one from a seller I'm familiar with. Did the math, thought about it and went to purchase. The amount was more than expected. Hm. Checked their math, and the calculated sales tax (they tax the shipping as well as the item) came out to 8% instead of the local rate of 6.75%. Contacted eBay. Hadda explain it three times, but the agent finally got it, and "escalated" it. This was Thursday. I went online from home to see if by some strangeness the site was calculating based on my physical location (work) rather than home. Nope, still wrong (BTW, the tax rate in the county where I work is 7%...). Put an item in my "shopping cart" from a different seller: Tax was correct. Put both items in: Wrong on the first item, right on the second. WTH? Contacted eBay again...situation noted.

Still no response as of tonight. Tried another item from the same seller as the first (incorrectly calculated) item: Wrong. Effective tax rate: 7.6% WTH?? Contacted eBay yet again via chat, and was cut off.

We're talking a small amount of money on a small purchase, but multiplied over either larger purchases or a lot of users, it's a potentially big error. So, if you suffer from eBay-orrhea, use your calculator before buying.
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