[FT] Want to trade Olymps OMD E-M10 for Nikon (preferably) DSLR | Location: Albany NY | Ships: CONUS

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    Want to trade Olymps OMD E-M10 for Nikon (preferably) DSLR

    Albany NY

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    I purchased this EM10 when they first came out thinking that I would use it more than a dSLR because of it's smaller size. I've used it for a couple months now, taken it to the Grand Canyon and on a cruise to Alaska. It takes fantastic pictures, really it does. I'm noticing that now that I'm spending more and more time just taking pictures of my kids that I wish I had the faster autofocus speed of a true dSLR. The other day I asked my wife how much she had used this camera and she answered only once since the time she used it she missed a couple shots because the kids were running and the autofocus was a little slow.

    That being said, I'm tempted to see if anyone has a similarly valued ($799 new within the last couple months or so) dSLR. I already have some Nikon stuff, so I would prefer to stick with Nikon, but that isn't an absolute requirement. Maybe there is somebody out there who has a nice dSLR that's thinking they might like to try the m4/3 format?

    This camera is in perfect condition. Not a single scratch or smudge on it. Will be shipped in the original box, and include all original accessories. Will also include a polarizing and UV filter. I'll have to check exact shutter count later, but it's under 1000. Like I said, I've only taken it on two trips and it's been in a bag the entire time. The lens is the kit 14-42 2rk. I've been impressed with it. If I end up keeping the camera I'd add something at the longer and wider ends, but I've been impressed with the quality for being a kit lens.

    The camera takes fantastic pictures, the quality is top notch. The only downside is a weakness with the entire mirrorless system, and that's the autofocus isn't as fast with moving subjects as a true dSLR. I didn't think this would bother me, but since it's now mainly a "running little kid" camera, I'm missing more shots than I want to. If it turns out I can't find a trade, I won't be heartbroken at all. This really is a fantastic camera and it deserves all the praise it's been getting. The build quality is great, it feels really solid in my hand, and I love the smaller size for the ease of carry.

    I know I'm relatively new and unknown on this forum. I've included my ebay username, but over the past 10 years I've probably only used it a dozen times. I would prefer if anybody is interested if we could talk on the phone for a bit, that usually helps me to get a feel for whether I can trust the person or not.

    Here are a couple sample photos:

    14041759083_15b3874a4d_z. 20140412-P4120038-Edit-2 by nigelcorn, on Flickr

    14015688190_8311a67da3_z. 20140504-P5040515 by nigelcorn, on Flickr

    [​IMG]20140506-P5061015 by nigelcorn, on Flickr

    14015700627_4df3077e29_z. 20140508-P5081131 by nigelcorn, on Flickr

    It's easy to find other sample photos from photographers much more talented than I, but I wanted to put something up that's been taken with this exact camera.

    ebay: scottchamberlain

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