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    Playing with adapted lenses on the EM5, I decided why not compare 3 lenses I have? I thought first to compare the CV40f1.4 to the industar 50f3.5. Then I figured why not add the Canon 50f1.4 since it's closer to the Industar in FL and closer to the CV in max aperture...

    Anyway I compared the CV40 to the Canon 50 at f1.4, then I stopped down all 3 lenses to f4 and tried again. In both cases I cropped the CV 40 to simulate the FL of the 50mm lenses. One very interesting thing is that the CV renders the colors much warmer and differently that the Canon and the Industar which are rather close in performance (at f4). I set the camera to "A", the ISO to auto and let the camera set the exposure. I used the magnification to aid in focusing and had the camera on a tripod.
    And used a 2 second shutter delay.
    Two lenses at f1.4



    Three lenses at f4



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