Showcase Vivitar 28-105 f/2.8-3.8 Series 1 Macro

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    I bought this lens new in 1992 after I had just bought a 2nd hand Pentax ME Super. I was on a round-the-world-trip and my Minolta 5000 had been stolen in Jakarta. What an amazing TANKof a camera that was. I went through Hell a few times (but not back to me). Auto focus too!! Anyway, I picked up a couple of new and old lenses for my small super but I never really connected with it. I still have it and the lenses but this Vivitar is the best of them all. It is actually a really nice lens but yeah, it is a bit heavy to lugg around. Mostly play with it close to home.

    Here are a few samples

    15895979285_9c009898f9_h. Newmans Beach.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr

    15896038385_08c6e97edb_b. EM51525.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr

    15893980451_9ff804b3b4_b. EM51853.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr

    15709943549_1775bff3ba_b. EM51842.jpg by Tassie Fig, on Flickr

    15708671890_229b2e8a0d_b. Through my very old window by Tassie Fig, on Flickr
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