Showcase Vivitar 200mm F3 Series 1 OM Komine

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  1. E-PL1, using "Beach & Snow" scene mode.



    First image is the full capture, second is about 40% of the original size. Around F5.6 or F8. It's taking me a while to learn to use this lens, but it is very versatile, focusing down to 1.2m as a macro, and fast enough for handheld at a night sports event:

    Here's a centre crop of the last shot:
    Wide open it has a lot of chroma "glow", unless the light is directly on the subject. Here's a link to another review of the lens:

    I need to take it to a zoo!
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    Mar 11, 2017
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    Long time since the previous post in this thread.
    Time for an update.
    A new lens for me, quite heavy with about 350 degree focus throw, good for fine tuning focus.
    Background rapidly goes very soft with lens wide open.

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