Vignetting!?! M.Zuiko 9-18mm with B+W CPL KAESEMANN F-PRO MRC 52mm


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I'm very newbie here and wanna ask some question. I have M.Zuiko 9-18mm for my E-P2 Olympus and now looking for a very good CPL filter.

I finally decide to go for B+W CPL KAESEMANN MRC 52mm but it is a F-PRO mount (not slim filter since the slim one cant use lenses caps). The question is "will it be vignetting @ 9mm focal length?" I never use B+W KAESEMANN F-PRO before and just want to make sure if I order this filter, it will come up with very good quality without any "vignetting" at any focal length.

Hope any of you guys can give me some recommendation whether I should go for this filter.

Very thanks


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hopefully you have a correct memory, Eric :) (very thx for your info)

I will order in about an hour if there is no further confirmation from other members.


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In my case, I use the 52mm Hoya HD Circular Polarizer which is the slimmest Polarizer available, and I cannot see any vignetting :wink:

Here's a good example with the lens + polarizer:

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If you know the dimension of the filter, how far it protrudes out, put a piece of tape on the barrel that dimension and test it.


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I use a Cokin P-series system with a CPL designed for that and it is made for filter threads up to 82mm so no issues at all. The lovely thing is one CPL can be used with every one of my lenses despite the filter size.